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Field Hockey

2023 All Division

State Championship Division

First Team

Offensive Player of the Year

Kathryn Gauvin, Moses Brown

Defensive Player of the Year

Catherine Neville, East Greenwich

Kathryn Gauvin, Moses Brown

Catherine Neville, East Greenwich

Margaret Neville, East Greenwich

Maeve Kiernan, East Greenwich

Ashley Brousseau, Moses Brown

Ava Porter, Moses Brown

Roxana Mohammadi, Barrington

Charlotte Grace, La Salle

Olivia Prior, East Greenwich

Izzy Cummings, Moses Brown

Ava DiMatteo, Barrington

Arielle DeMarco, La Salle

Ava Giordano, Moses Brown


Second Team

Sophia Clyne, Moses Brown

Vivian Stone, Moses Brown

Reese Dewhirst, Moses Brown

Ellie Picard, East Greenwich

Catherine Sprague, East Greenwich

Lia Cameron, East Greenwich

Orabel Piccoli, La Salle

Lily Scampoli, La Salle

Chloe Moscrop, Barrington

Emma Mueller, Barrington

Layla Cameron, East Greenwich

Division 1

First Team

Morgan Martinelli Mabray, South Kingstown

Kate Maness, South Kingstown

Sophia Bigelli, North Kingstown

Ava Sullivan, South Kingstown

Julianna Casey, Lincoln School

Lauren Collette, Cumberland

Eleanor Martin, North Kingstown

Samantha Kimber, South Kingstown

Sasha Senn, Cumberland

Assana Bowen-Woods, Lincoln School

Naomi Nelson, South Kingstown


Second Team

Taylor North Kingstown

Reegan Chabot, North Kingstown

Gwyneth Silvia, North Kingstown

Hadley Cottrell, South Kingstown

Dylan Gwiazdzinski, South Kingstown

Abigail O’Connor, South Kingstown

Molly Enestvedt, Cumberland

Elizabeth Werner, Cumberland

Arianna Casey, Lincoln School

Ella Brown, Lincoln School

Severine Michel, Lincoln School


Honorable Mention

Chelsea Duncan, Barrington

Brenna Daniels, Cumberland

Sachi Chan, East Greenwich

Ella Hyland, La Salle

Ruby Verkuijlen, Lincoln School

Paige Moreau, Moses Brown

Amelia Knowles, North Kingstown

Adrianna D’Agostino, South Kingstown

Division 2

First Team

Offensive Player of the Year

Chaia Elwell, Chariho

Defensive Player of the Year

Jennifer Hayden, Lincoln

Faith Miguel, Lincoln

Victoria Barrette, Chariho

Chaia Elwell, Chariho

Jennifer Hayden, Lincoln

Sophia Cavanaugh, Lincoln

Amanda Preston, Toll Gate

Sofia Nardelli, Cranston Co-op

Riley Rastella, Pilgrim

Madelyn Colangelo, Classical

Maddie Ruzzo, Rocky Hill

Sabina Carvalho-Giampoli, Classical

Charlotte Labossiere, Lincoln

Valerie Landry, Pilgrim


Second Team

Kelsey Rouleau, Lincoln

Spencer Cameron, Lincoln

Brogan Manni, Chariho

Ayla Paley, Toll Gate

Sara Regine, Cranston Co-op

Kayley Legault, Pilgrim

Jona Taysavang, Classical

Jillian Pogacar, Rocky Hill Country Day

Julia Levy, Cranston Co-op

A Bogs, Rocky Hill Country Day

Megan Delisle, Lincoln


Honorable Mention

Katey Sattel, Bay View

Brenna Wilson, Burrillville

Taylor Browning, Chariho

Trinity Monteiro, Classical

Savanna Theroux, Cranston Co-op

Taylor Marsh, Lincoln

Lily Farrell, Pilgrim

Katie O’Neil, Rocky Hill Country Day

Camylle Ursillo, Smithfield

Rachel Leonard, Tiverton

Reagan Motta, Toll Gate

Corinna Rollins, Woonsocket


Coaches of the Year

Division 1

Delaney Cavanaugh, Cumberland

Division 2

Lea Miguel, Lincoln

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