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Girls Ice Hockey

2023-2024 All Division

Division 1

1st Team

F- Virginia Osgood, South County Storm

F - Suzanne Laflamme, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

F - Bridie Murphy, La Salle

D - Meghan Falls, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

D - Taylor Phillips, La Salle

G - Madeline Ammatuna, South County Storm


Second Team

F - Margaret Baldwin, La Salle

F - Ana Lamoriello, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

F - Julianna Bucci, South County Storm

D - Camyle Ursillo, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

D - Devyn Phenix, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln/St. Raphael

D - Lauren Avedisian, South County Storm

G - Kaylee Butler, La Salle

Third Team

F - Ashley "Goose" Brousseau, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

F - Payton Abrams, South County Storm

F - Spencer Cameron, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln/St. Raphael

F - Kinsley Phenix, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln/St. Raphael

D - Greta Tomka, La Salle

D - Maeve Kelly, La Salle

D - Ouinn Faria, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

G - Emily Raimondi, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln/St. Raphael


Honorable Mention

Elodie Cannon, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

Ava Lourenco, Smithfield/Coventry/Moses Brown

Emily Russo, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln/St. Raphael

Angie Stafford, Mount St. Charles/Cumberland/Lincoln/St. Raphael

Mia Mofitt, South County Storm

Anna-Katja Keegan, South Country Storm

Sophia Welch, La Salle

Noelle Pezzelli, La Salle

Division 2

First Team

F - Ayla Paley, Warwick Hockey

F - Sydney Olson, East Bay Eagles

F - Hannah Nelson, BPBNS Broncos

D - Sarah Andersen, BPBNS Broncos

D - Addyson Whittet, East Bay Eagles

G Flora Meuneir, Warwick Hockey


Second Team

F - Maddie Gallo, Cranston/EG/Scituate Thunderbirds

F - Natalia Annicelli, BPBNS Broncos

F - Arden Wilkes, East Bay Eagles

D - Lvric Watts, Cranston/EG/Scituate Thunderbirds

D - Georgia Feld, Warwick Hockey

G - Kirstyn Smith, BPBNS Broncos


Third Team

F - Lucy Hart, Cranston/EG/Scituate Thunderbirds

F - Margaux Boneu, East Bay

F - Sophia Kiduff, BPBNS Broncos

D - Eden St. Pierre, BPBNS Broncos

D - Lauren Bastien, Warwick Hockey

D - Amy Glass, Cranston/EG/Scituate Thunderbirds

G - Nadia Albriton, East Bay

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