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2024 All Division


Sam Fuentes, Coventry

Rich Cavenagh, Pilgrim

Shawn Cadieux, Cranston West

Garrett Carney, East Greenwich

Andrew Lavoie, Coventry

Dylan Marcantonio, East Greenwich


Nicholas Emory, St. Raphael

Zachary Taraian, St. Raphael

Luke Cavanaugh, Lincoln

Joshua Neves, North Smithfield

Matthew Bolduc, Mount St. Charles

Sam Medici, Cumberland


Jan Dunham,Chariho

Rocco Capalbo, Prout

Brayden Dickinson, North Kingstown

Samuel Iden, North Kingstown

Will Owens, North Kingstown

Harris Krupp, Prout


Nathan Carter, East Providence

Adam Gorman, Barrington

Rocco DiMatteo, Barrington

Billy Fitzgerald, East Providence

Nolan Leonard, Barrington

Gregory Fitta, Barrington


Drew MacLeod, La Salle

Max Jackson, La Salle

Parker Kroll, Moses Brown

Samuel Perry, Moses Brown

Charles Melvin, La Salle

Connor Paradise, La Salle

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